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Inspection Of Craps Dice

Dear Mark,
Are the dice placed on the crap game ever inspected for imperfections so the same number won’t repeat itself? Steve B.

Because I can predict with 100% certainty that every casino has at least one lazy pit boss—I was one—you can be assured that the dice placed on the game are near perfect. The perks for this idle behavior? Going up to the boss’s office and inspecting dice. This meant feet on the head honcho’s desk, Oprah on the tube and talking on the phonelong distance to friends and family because I knew the secret dial code. Oh, and inspecting dice with a micrometer to make sure our

dice were produced to a tolerance level of .0005 of an inch.
But we were the second line of defense. Dice makers who cut this poly-sorbate plastic in lots of five or six deal in tolerances of .0002, with imperfections discarded, making the random nature of a dice throw a certainty.
By the way, Steve, no not you, Steve, my former boss Steve. You never asked, but those long distance calls to Michigan were probably mine.

Dear Mark,
How does a pitboss on a crap game identify loaded dice? Donald M.

Called the “Spin” or “Pivot” test, a boxman on a crap game will hold the dice loosely between his thumb and forefinger at diagonally opposite corners and gently spin the dice. A fair cube will spin smoothly and its revolution will stop in a natural way. A loaded die, because of the extra weight, will pivot back in a distinguished manner at the end of its rotation. At home, you can test for loaded dice by filling a tall glass with water and dropping the cubes in gently. Repeat this action several times

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