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Craps And Psychic Ability

Dear Mark,
When I shoot craps, I have the feeling that a hot roll will always be stopped by a change in the dealers, someone touching the dice, someone crowding the shooter or the dealer giving out the two dice on a seven, eleven or craps. Is this my imagination or is there any kind of truth to it? Doug C.
With all due respect, Doug, your false-premise gambling beliefs are based on an illogical point of view. All too many players use the dial-a-psychic approach on the next toss of the dice when something whimsical happens on the game. I believe the true answer lies in the definition of the word superstition.
Superstition: groundless belief in a supernatural agencies; a popular belief held without reason.

Dear Mark,
In all your years in the casino industry, I bet you never heard of this type of superstitious gambling. My brother-in-law brings a small computer to his hotel room that has a software program that tracks a person’s biorhythms. He then proceeds to ask dealers their birth dates, runs back up to his hotel room, then plots the dealers’ emotional, physical and mental state. Then he goes back to the casino and only plays on a dealer’s table if the software shows a dealer in a down cycle. Beat that! James M.

You would think, James, that after 18 years in the business I would have seen enough to have seen too much. Then you come along with your brother-in-law’s nincompoop gambling theories.
My personal favorite was when a lady playing on my blackjack game pulled out a Ken doll dressed in black and whites that even had a bow tie duplicating the one I was wearing. After every hand I (the house) won, she inserted straight pins into my likeness and started a voodoo conversation with the doll. Here is proof that evolution CAN devolve.
I believe that your brother-in-law, and others who gamble with insane beliefs in the paranormal, are a few Fruit Loops shy of a full bowl.

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