Northern Nevada Multiple Deck Blackjack Rules

Two blackjack strategy charts are presented here. Both use the same statistical information but in different presentation formats. It’s not necessary to memorize both charts. The Condensed Optimal Strategy is the easier one for most to remember and, since the player’s hand constantly changes as hits are taken, while the dealer’s up-card never does, the […]

Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Deuces (2) are not Bust Cards A deuce is a very dangerous upcard, mainly because blackjack players regard them as bust cards. As I watch the play of most black jack players, many will play it as such. They stay on stiff hands (12 to 16) which is incorrect, but they will hit such hands […]

Blackjack Tips

In this blackjack tips article, you will find valuable insider tips on playing blackjack that are indispensable for being successful in the casinos. Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude You must assume and believe that you will win at playing blackjack. It must be embedded in your subconscious mind. Thousands and thousands of visitors go […]

Blackjack Tournament Tips

Blackjack Tournaments are becoming a more frequent addition to programs run by live casinos and the virtual ones online. Although the game is basically the same, competing in a blackjack tournament is a lot different from playing solely against the dealer, and it is well to know how they work, and the best approaches to […]

Different Varieties of Blackjack

So, you thought Blackjack was just about getting closer to 21 than the dealer – huh? On some casino sites it is no longer as simple as that, and choosing the right variation of the game (and being aware of the rules) could gain you a serious advantage. Although the basis of the game remains […]

Common Blackjack Myths

There are many fallacies surrounding the game of blackjack and it isn’t just the inexperienced, novice players that make these mistakes. Plenty of seasoned casino regulars fall into these common blackjack traps – don’t be one of them! Blackjack is about getting to 21, or as close as possible Totally incorrect! The object of blackjack […]