Those were the days: Slingo, Zynga and Facebook

How to play Slingo

In Slingo, the ultimate goal is to clear all the numbers on a card using the results given to you by the reels within 20 spins. You start out with 16 purple balls and 4 red balls.
After the numbers on the reels come up, find the matches in the columns above each number. The faster you discover the matches, the more points you will score.

Try to get a Slingo! This is a row or column of matched tiles.

When the stack of coins on the left is full, the multiplier goes up, giving you more points.

The Green number tiles are part of a pattern. When the pattern is filled in, you are awarded a medal.

Use powerups to improve your score. These powerups can be purchased in the Shop.

After all the Purple balls are used up, the Final Countdown begins. The stakes go up during the Final Countdown.

When you have completed the stage, hit the Bank button to end the Stage. Also, at any point you can end the Stage by hitting the Home button in the upper right corner of the game window.

Zynga Slingo How To Beat the Game…

Start making an account over facebook then click “allow” for you to access the Slingo interface. The prompt will bring you the “Leaderboard Menu” the page where you will be taken every time you enter the game. This is also the place where you will choose what to play (stages) every time you access Slingo.

The main objective of the game is to make more combinations of 5 aligned marked numbers on every card under the most least spin of the slot machine. Sounds easy? Well not yet. Every card game you will pay 10 energy for every game of Slingo, when it depletes you may purchase it additional energy or wait for a time to recharge it. You would also have definite number of chances to spin the slot machine and when it runs out, you either end the game with the current score, by another turns by using your earned coins during the game, or use your red balls for another turn or buy more turns using your real money over the item mall.

Earning score is easy, just mark every number on your card to what the slot machine has rolled, every combination is scored differently, the more combinations of number you marked the more scores you get, combining 5 aligned numbers diagonally,horizontally,vertically is called Slingo. The more Slingo’s you make the soonest you get to the next card game/level. Also there are many combinations of number in the game so the more combos you make, the easier for you to make more Slingos too.

Special elements are added to the game, some may help you finished one level others will make you decide to gamble everything or hold it a little. Every time you spin the machine, elements like the joker (which will allow you to marked a number for free) or the devil (which will ask you to bet on a lil game which you may double your score earned or lose everything). Power ups is also a must to give you the upper hand, best of it is the Coin zapper, handy when the devil coin appears. And or shamrock which makes the joker coin appear has many as possible in every spin.

Now you have the idea on how to play the game, don’t forget to invite friends to make the experience more worthwhile. For more tips and cheats of the game, add us on facebook.