Why You Should Play Rainbow Riches Slots

There are literally thousands of video slot games available to casino players, and lots more new titles are released each month. Many of those slots will be very quickly forgotten, and very few stand the test of time. But one brand that has remained for many years and will for more to come is Barcrest’s […]

The very basics of slot machines odds

Slots are the pure chance based games (Luck Game) just as playing bingo online. Whereas video poker, hold’em and blackjack all require a certain amount of strategy and knowledge, slots game outcomes are based on random number generators Your winning depends more on luck than on slot machine odds or could say odds of winning. […]

Tips and Facts About Slots

The most important reason for playing the slot machines online or at a casino is to have some fun. Contrary to the popular myth, slot machines are not programmed to pay out every so often – any responsible casino will use a Random Number Generator (RNG) in their software to ensure fairness. In fact, it […]

Are Slots Rigged?

You will hear it several times a day in your local betting shop and often the casino too – “this thing is rigged!” But are slot machines and fixed odds betting terminals rigged? How can they be truly random, when they are programmed to payout a certain percentage of their intake? Read on and dispel […]

Slot Myths Debunked

Many myths around slot machines have sprung up over the years. What follows is a compilation of some of the most common slot myths and their explanation. Warm tokens mean the machine is about to pay off: False. This myth is based on the theory that, since the coins have been in the machine long […]

Slots Terminology

The traditional historic name for slots was “The One Armed Bandit” and it is easy to understand why they got that name. But slot machines have graduated from those early Western times and gained “some” more friendly names, the most popular of which is simply “slots” or slot machine. They have also gained in status […]

Slots History

The first mechanical gambling devices were developed in an America that was inventing new products seemingly daily in the waning years of the 19th century. Machines that simulated roulette, dice, and poker were first invented and manufactured in New York in the 1890s. The first primitive ‘nickel-in-the-slot’ chance devices also appeared at this time. The […]

Finding Those Loose Slot Machines

Question: How do you determine what is considered loose and tight in slot machines? Is there a way of identifying them? Do they place them where we can’t find them? Karen K. Answer: All casinos, Karen, have “loose” and “tight” machines commingled in the casino. “Loose” machines are defined as those machines returning more of […]