The Slot Machine Answer Book

“The Slot Machine Answer Book: How They Work, How They’ve Changed and How to Overcome the House Advantage” is one of the best books on the market, where slot machine gambling is concerned. Read on, for a full book review.

Written by John Grochowski, a respected and best-selling gambling writer, “The Slot Machine Answer Book” is presented in an easy to digest question and answer format, that doesn’t patronise the reader.

The book is split into ten sections that cover a range of slots-related topics, ranging from light-hearted subject matter, such as the origins of the fruit and other symbols on a slot machine’s reels, to more technical material like how a slot machine actually operates.

“The Slot Machine Answer Book” will also help slots players learn how to reduce the casino’s edge, shares information about which slot machines will likely pay out teaches the reader about the history of slots gaming and compares video slot machines with reels machines.

The book is educational but honest. Although it shares information about certain beatable slots games, it makes no promises of easy million dollar wins. Instead, “The Slot Machine Answer Book” focuses on teaching the reader how to spot a beatable game, then leaves the rest in the hands of the reader.

Grochowski’s book begins each chapter with a quiz, designed to highlight the most important information contained on the pages of “The Slot Machine Answer Book”, and there are 200 questions to sink your teeth into. You will definitely come away having learned plenty about slots, thanks to the author’s informative style.

Even if you already understand the basics of slot machines, Grochowski’s book is packed with interesting and educational snippets of trivia and unique insight into slot machines around the world, that help to keep things light and prevent the subject matter from becoming too technical, patronising or dull.

There is something for everyone in “The Slot Machine Answer Book” and it comes highly recommended.

“The Slot Machine Answer Book” by John Grochowski can be purchased from Amazon.

Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Bonus Books; 4th edition (May 1999)
ISBN-10: 1566251206
ISBN-13: 978-1566251204