The very basics of slot machines odds

Slots are the pure chance based games (Luck Game) just as playing bingo online. Whereas video poker, hold’em and blackjack all require a certain amount of strategy and knowledge, slots game outcomes are based on random number generators

Your winning depends more on luck than on slot machine odds or could say odds of winning.

So it’s really tough to pinpoint the exact odds in a particular slot machine.

Simple Formula for Calculating the Slot Machine Odds

– Find out the number of reels the slot machine has and denote it by “R”
– Find out the number of symbols per reel and denote it by “S”
– Multiply “R” times “S” to find out the odds of hitting the winning combination.

Let’s make it more clear: let’s say we are having 3 reels and 30 symbols per reel. According to the formula multiply 30, three times i.e (30×30×30=27000). Your odds of hitting a winning combination is 1 in 27000.

But as told earlier, it’s not possible to pinpoint the exact odds, because it doesn’t mean you are going to lose 26999 times in a row. Since it’s a luck based game, You never know what will be the outcome of this game.

Playing slots is like tossing a coin. The probability of getting HEADS and TAILS is 50:50, but it doesn’t mean out of 20 tosses, we will have both HEADS and TAILS exactly 10 times each.

The same thing applies to slots games. It does not matter what are the slots odds, what you need to line up a winning combination, is your luck.

So players feel lucky and spin the reels! Best of Luck