Jackpot On My Slot

How come every time I get up from a machine, someone sits down and immediately hits a big jackpot? Bill F.

My twenty years spent working on the front line, put me within a casino for at least 8,320 hours (20 yrs X 52 weeks X 8 hours a day), I don’t need to get to my toes to count how many times I’ve seen a person desert a machine, someone new jump into the still warm seat, and on the first spin, snag the big one and sail into a charmed life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Seriously, Bill, how many machines have you left, (and that’s probably hundreds if not thousands over your career-pursuit of the big one), and how many times has the next player after you “really” hit it big on the first three coins? Sure, it happens, and yes, I’ve seen it, but far, far less often than you see in your mind’s eye.

Besides, Bill, a slot machine uses a Random Number Generator to determine which symbols will land on the payline, and the RNG in the slot machine is continually running whether anyone is playing or not. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the player following you would have stopped the RNG at exactly the same nanosecond needed to produce the mega-jackpot combination on the screen, as you would have. There is little, if any chance that both of your results would have been the same.